By: Courtney and Kaitlyn

Verbal abuse and physical abuse.

Bullying is not just mean words it is also physical contact. Bullies use physical contact on targets because they like to get their anger out by harming them. Verbal abuse isn't as bad as getting beat, even though words can hurt. Some bullies hit targets because they learned about it and get abused at home. So, they know what to do to the inocent victims. Like, punching them, kicking, smacking, bitting, pinching, slapping, and spitting on them. Verbal abuse is bad but not that bad. Bullies call the victum names but, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. If bullies called you names you cant tell your mom and have them stop. When bullies abuse you, they would do it somewhere pricvate so, your parents couldn't help you. That's why verbal abuse isn't as bad.
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