The Lion and the Cat

A Fabel by Cynthia Carrasco

Once there was a cat, the cat was feral and had no family. he ran away from home into the wild of Africa at 1 years old. It was spring time and the cat ran with a mother who was giving birth to her cubs. The mother didn't know any better so she took care of him too. The cubs grew up much bigger and the other cubs made fun of him. Then one day he ran into a cub who was playing in the mud who happened to be his "sister". the girl cubs name was Laura and she decided to give the cat a name. his name was Cody. Cody and Laura grew up together. Laura knew she was bigger so she bossed around Cody. Cody was a sweet cat and did what she said and more. Cody always gave her presents and expensive jewelry. Laura never did anything nice to day Cody and Laura were walking abnd Laura steped into a sink hole."Help Help!!!!!"

"oh no",Cody thought for a minute.

"wait a minute why should I help you, you are never good to me", said Cody.

"What, just help me I am dying stupid!!"

"ialways do what you say and you never are nice to me. You push me, make fun, and hurt my feelings, yet somehow, I find room in my heart to love you because you are my sister.I will help you but, one day you need to lean how to treat others the way you want to be treated."

Cody helped Laura out and ever since then she has loved her brother with all her heart.

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