Slavic Immigrantion

By: Citlalli Cañete

When did the group came to the United States?

Some can before the American Civil War the numbers at that time were small. In the year 1870 the numbers of immigrates that came to the Untied States increased for two decades. In 1905 52,368 Slovaks entered the United States. It kind of ended in 1918.
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Why the group came to the United States?

There were some migrants they were called birds of passage they just came to America to work so they can earn money and buy a land in Europe. But some of them just decided to stay because they couldn't afford the money to buy land or there was no land available. They would just sent for their families.
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How the group got to the United States?

The group came in by ships. A lot of Slovaks came to the United States
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What U.S immigration laws or policies were in effect at the time of the group's migration

It effected the groups'migration because the movement came to a complete stop in the 1920s because the laws stopped East European immigration into the United States

How many members of their group came to the United States

In the immigration records between 1899 and 1918 there was 480,201 Slovaks who entered the United States. In 1920 they found out there were 274,948 foreign born Slovaks in the United States.
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Where the group settled

The groups settled in different places. Some settled in North Carolina and in Nebraska and a lot of other places

Jobs the group found

They worked in or near the community. They built schools and made social institutions.

Contributions the group made to the United States and its cultures

The Slovaks are known for their church related activities. Also for their ethnic press and fraternal organization.
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