Jesse owens and Fritz pollard

Black history Month

Jesse owens

who is jesse owens u might ask well..

Jesse was born as james cleveland owens in alabama in 1913 youngest in the family of 10 children

Jesse owens is a record breaking olympic sprinter and the best of his kind,spent much of his life struggling with issues of race,Owens day to day life was defined and restricted by his color.He suffered...

He suffered humiliating treatment even as he revered as the most successful athlete of the day,winning four gold in 1930 olympics against hitler's germany team.

The racism and discrimination was common in 1930 became a effect to his training.unlike his teammates he couldn't live on campus due to there was no black campus for only blacks.

In the decade before his death,his philosophy on race relations progress,and he finally advocated the civil rights movement.

Fritz Pollard

  • Frederick douglass was his full name but he was mostly called fritz.He was born on January 27 1894 in chicago,illinois.While growing up he felt a sting of racism as an African American

  • American football player pioneer fritz pollard was one of the first african american player and first coach

  • 1 of 2 african-american football player in the league along with bobby.He led his team to 9-0-3 record ,he again proved a dominant player with doubling as the first african american coach.

  • In college he went to get his degree in dentistry but further down couldn't do it because of his race.Before joining the military.Then was employed as a football coach for lincoln University in 1919.

  • In 1928 pollard organized a chicago black hawks on a all african american professional team seeking to demonstrate that blacks and whites could compete without having a incident on the field