Interior Design

My Green Career

Job Description/Duties

If you want to be an interior designer some of the duties you would be doing is making interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. Some of the places you would be designing is offices, homes, airport terminals, shopping malls, and restaurants. Now you may be wondering what you are going to use and what you are you supposed to do? Well they select colors, fabrics, furniture, flooring, and lighting for the room.

Environmental Relationship Between the Environment and Job

Something that I could do with the environment and still be working on interior design is using Eco friendly materials. For example you could have a solar panel on your roof of the building to help you run electricity. Another is using less chemical paint on your walls. Plus putting more plants and flowers would help too.

More Important Info!

Education Necessary to Do the Job Seccessfully

If you want to become an interior designer you must need a bachelors degree.  If you really want to get in a good school you should have a focus or idea on interior designing.  Plus know what tools and fabrics you can use while your designing.


Some facts about interior designing is...There are two types of interior design: structural and decorative. Good structural design is based on simplicity, good proportion, appropriate materials and suitability for the way the room will be used. Good decorative design is based on appropriateness to the basic structure, good placement and proper proportion. There are four basic elements of design: Space, form, line, texture and color.  One of the quickest and most effective ways to add light to a room is to install a skylight. It creates an open, airy feeling and lets in more light than standard windows.Mirrors can also lighten up a room in subtle ways. They reflect light, and make a small room seem both larger and lighter.  Photography or artwork hanging in a high traffic area is likely to become misaligned or crooked simply from the activity nearby. Rather than hanging photos and artwork on nails, try using poster strips, Velcro or poster putty to hang them on all four corners so they stay secure and level. About Interior Design | Facts About Interior Design |