Lebanon Trail High School

Friday Newsletter 10.14.16

Week at a Glance

Monday, October 17th (B)

Tuesday, October 18th (A)

  • LTPD Meetings Postponed to October 28th
  • Volleyball vs. Liberty 5:30
  • Orchestra Concert at 7PM
  • Game 3 of NLCS Cubs vs. Dodgers 7:08PM

Wednesday, October 19th (B)

  • DP Off Campus
  • KS at Principal Meeting
  • Game 4 of NLCS Cubs vs. Dodgers 7:08PM

Thursday, October 20th (A)

  • Cross Country at District Meet in Decatur
  • Pep Rally Day (Reverse Lunch and Activity Period)
  • Football @ Heritage
  • Game 5 of NLCS Cubs vs. Dodgers 7:08PM

Friday, October 21st (B)

  • Volleyball @ Wakeland

Upcoming Dates

October 25th: LTHS Hosting Student Leadership Conference in Auditorium

October 28th: LTPD Period X Period Faculty Meetings

Evidence of Students Reaching Clear Success Criteria

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Mission Statement

Our MISSION is to inspire

thoughtful, successful, and socially responsible

leaders through a learning community

driven by values and achievement.

Daily Instructional Expectations

Clear Success Criteria

Small Group, Purposeful Talk

Critical Reading and Writing

Recognize and Reinforce

Campus Goals

Goal 1: Each student will make progress towards their individual learning goals.

Goal 2: Each student is a participative member of our community.

Goal 3: Staff and students will collaborate to intentionally build a culture of success at LTHS.

Affirming Note from a Parent

We are so impressed at how well LTHS staff have handled all of these students. XXXX is so happy and she loves all her teachers. The best thing I have witnessed is how your staff have empowered all your students to feel like leaders. This will carry them through their high school and beyond. Once again, thank you and your faculty for all you have done for the LTHS students.


Our student council gave speeches to the general assembly today. They talked about how much pride they have in this school and were very affirming of each other (even though they were competing). That kind of stuff doesn't happen on accident, folks. Thank you for the positive culture you are building through your work at LTHS.

Kudos to...

Melissa Lorber...open to new ideas, incredible work ethic and never scared to try new things in the classroom.

Sadd Jackson...Every kid is his kid- not just football players or athletes. He has a heart for each and every student.

Pam Carpenter...Pam finds ways outside of the classroom and the school day to make her students feel special and to ensure they can be successful.

Kristen Summers...for organizing, publicizing, and taking care of the Food Drive.

Michael Hollomon...for being the most awesome theater and tech theater director.

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