You drink it you face it.

When you drink alcohol be ready to face all the bad effects.

Liver effects

Alcohol can effect your liver.

Alcohol can negatively effect your liver......

Meaning, abusing alcohol can cause many problems that have to do with the liver.

Some of those problems can be, liver cancer, liver cirrhosis ( Meaning, the liver grows scar tissue instead of growing healthy liver cells.)

If you don't want the cirrhosis liver then avoid drinking to much alcohol .

Serious Heart Problems.

Alcohol can also effect your heart.

Not only can alcohol effect your liver but also your heart. After a good amount of time, drinking a lot of alcohol weakens the heart muscle, increasing a drinkers risk of stroke or heart attack. Also, can cause high blood pressure, and an enlarged heart.


Another terrible effect of abusing alcohol is, problems with your esophagus. Those problems can be, cancer of the esophagus, swollen veins which can burst with vigoures coughing or vomiting.


Alcoholism is a chronic disease that causes an emotional and physical dependence on alcohol . Some are, poor self concept, loss in confidence, impaired control and many more. Also brings you counseling from your computer at home.
above is a website that can help you or family with alcoholic problems.

Veronica Novack. class, 6b odd