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Newsletter - November/December 2014

We Give Thanks For All of Our Families

We all had a wonderful time at the Thanksgiving Feast in November. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making it a beautiful and memorable event. We now look forward to seeing you at our next important event; The Winter Cultural Festival activities start at 6:00pm on Thursday, December 18, 2014.


December 11 Parent Forum - 6-7pm

December 18 Noon Dismissal/Winter Cultural Festival 6:00 pm - No Extended Care

December 19 Noon Dismissal/Extended Care until 4:00pm

December 22 – Jan 5 School Closed/Winter Break Holiday

2015 Spring Semester

January 5 Staff Workday/ No Classes

January 6 Students Return/Spring Semester Begins

HAAM Thanksgiving Food Drive

Donations were taken to HAAM by Ms. Dilia, and were graciously accepted for their Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Exciting news for our school - We are growing!

We will be adding a third Early Childhood Classroom in room 208. beginning on January 6th, 2015. More news to follow...

Winter Cultural Festival - 6-8pm, December 18, 2014

Come and experience the wonders of America, Mexico, India, Pakistan and Europe.

There will be delicious food, wonderful displays and exceptional performances of music, dance and theater.

Please bring family and friends to this special evening.


Class 204 - Ms. Becky & Ms. Dilia

We were very busy in the month of November. We enjoyed going on our class field trip to HEB, where the children were able to taste different food and get Buddy Bucks! We had our food drive and our Thanksgiving Feast with family and friends. The children were also very excited to honor all who serve our beautiful country for "Veteran's Day." Class 214 have enjoyed all of the different crafts which we made in November, where we learned about American Indian culture and traditions and heard the story about the Pilgrim, and the "First Thanksgiving."

Class 206 - Ms. Theresa & Ms. Stephanie

In November Class 206 learned about the food diagram "My Plate"and discussed the five food groups. The children made their own healthy plates and also help sort out food that they brought in for our food drive on a "big" healthy plate that they made themselves. We also took a field trip to HEB in Kingwood where we visited the different areas of the store and continued to learn about the different food groups and healthy food choices. This month we discussed the Pilgrims, Native Americans and the First Thanksgiving. The children made their own Cornucopias and their Thanksgiving Placemats for our Thanksgiving Feast, along with Potato Turkey centerpieces. The children also enjoyed their food prep this month of "nut cracking" and learning about different nuts, their names and tasting these "yummy" nuts. We also would like to thank Sergeant AJ Saenz for his presentation on Veterans Day and coming in dressed in uniform. Special thanks also goes out to Ms Mukta for her beautiful presentation on the India holiday "Diwali."

Class 210 - Ms. Richelle, Ms. Paloma & Ms. Catherine

What a great month November was for our environment. The children enjoyed doing work and exploring new things on the shelf. Our mystery bag had fruits in them and this month we added the blindfolds. Seeing them do that work with their friends was great. The older toddlers have become great role models for the younger and new friends in our environment. The children are also exploring more in the art shelf. They are starting to define faces on their artwork, which is great for this age group. Language was very important for the month of November. The children are talking and learning a lot of new words. We also do a lot of singing in our environment, which is language and also working on memorization. The children enjoyed the Thanksgiving Feast, and making our table cloth for the parents that day. We are looking forward to the month of December and all the activities we have!

Class 212 - Ms. Andrea & Ms. Mukta

November brought a variety of wonderful learning experiences for class 212. We had the pleasure of visiting the Rock and Gem Show coupled with the study of rocks, the rock cycle and the timeline of life. With the generous help of Brian and Miranda Hofstadt of Between the Oaks Farm, we started our very own raised bed with carrots, turnips and radishes. Our gardening helped fuel great discussions about the timeline of life and food webs. The students’ love of learning was demonstrated through the explosion of poetry writing, while our reading ofing Arthur led us back to the study of European geography, countries, cultures, flora and fauna. I am forever grateful for the Montessori curriculum which is deliciously interdisciplinary, keeping students engaged and empowered in their learning.

Class 214 - Ms. Kate & Ms. Sarah

In November, the Upper Elementary classroom finished reading the book Robe of Skulls, about a young girl and her adventures as she tries to escape the clutches of an evil stepsister. The students took part in a mock election, first learning about each party's main platforms, and then choosing which party best supported their personal ideals. At the beginning of the month, farmers from Between the Oaks came out to give the students a lesson on different types of vegetables as well as help to help seed the new raised bed garden in our playground. The plants are thriving and we should be able to harvest carrots, radishes, and turnips before we release for the winter break. The Upper Elementary enjoyed our field trip to The Rock and Gem Show, studying principles of physics, the rock cycle and tectonic plates prior to our departure. The students are working on their studies of European countries and have received lessons on the History of Numbers and History of Communication to see how and when these countries were shaped by progressions in these fields. Additionally, the students are creating topographical/biome maps of Europe and researched the different mineral resources available in their country. Play rehearsals for the Winter Cultural Festival began just before the Thanksgiving break. Our devoted actors are really getting into their characters and cannot wait to show off their hard work. In tandem to our play, the class has also been reading Shakespeare's plays using figurines and vignettes to represent the numerous characters and follow the story line. Thank you for all your support and the beautiful gathering we had for our Thanksgiving Feast! We look forward to presenting our European studies and "Shakespeare Unshackled" play at the Winter Cultural Festival.

Parent Forum

Thursday, Dec. 11th, 6-7pm

2510 Mills Branch Dr

Houston, TX

Topic - " Why Stay for Montessori Kindergarten and Elementary?"

Parents will have an opportunity to speak to a panel of teachers and other parents about the benefits for your child, of staying with the Montessori Method.

We hope that you take this opportunity to talk to experienced families who have followed this exceptional education system for many years.

Childcare will be provided.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Parent Leadership Group

The first meeting of the PLG was held this week. Please let us know if you would like to be included in planning events such as the gala for this school year.
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Our Giving Tree

Every year the teachers have special items on their wish lists that they would love for their classrooms. This year we have placed a "Giving Tree" in the front office. If you would like to donate to your child's classroom this Holiday Season, please come in and pick a gift tag off the tree and leave a check to cover the item with Ms. Fonda (Please make checks out to Kingwood Montessori).

If your company or workplace provides matching funds to nonprofit organizations, the tax exempt document may be picked up from the front office.

Next Board of Trustees Meeting

6:00pm, Sunday, December 7, 2014

If you have any questions or recommendations for our board, please send an email to the link below.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the hard working members of our Board of Trustees for their sterling work on behalf of Kingwood Montessori.

In alphabetical order, your Trustees are:

Andrea Badot - Lead Lower Elementary Teacher (Class 212) - Co-director of KM non-profit org (ex officio)

Kate Broughton - Director - Co-director of KM non-profit org (ex officio)

Fonda Coleman - Office Manager - Mother of Grace Coleman (Class 214) - Co-director of KM non-profit org (ex officio)

Keith Coleman - Father of of Grace Coleman (Class 214)

Margaret Fraissinet - Mother of Joseph Fraissinet (Class 206)

Nadeem Mazhar - Father of Haroon Mazhar (Class 214)

Stewart Nelson - Father of Grier Nelson (Class 204)

Fred Rosenberg - Owner of Toys and Candy on the Park

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