SHS Career Pathway Updates: 2021-2

New and updated pathways and CTE options at SHS

Stayton HS Pathway and CTE Updates, 2021-2.

Watch the video above, and read more information below on pathways and CTE for SHS!

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Willamette Career Academy: Opening Fall 2021

The Willamette Career Academy is located on Lancaster Drive in Salem and will be opening in the fall of 2021. 11 School districts have partnered to help create an innovative space where students can access high-level CTE programs. Students who choose to enroll at a WCA program will spend ½ days there, and ½ days at SHS. Students will still be considered Stayton High School students and are able to participate in all school and extracurricular activities. The NSSD will provide transportation to and from the academy. Juniors and Seniors are invited to apply.

For 2021-22, there will be three programs offered at the WCA:


Diesel Mechanics

Health Services

If you are interested in possibly enrolling in one of these programs next year, let your counselor know through the forecasting form. If you have further questions about these programs, you can contact Mr. Kirby. You can also find more information the programs for next year here:

Career Pathway List/Overview for 2021-22

  1. Agriculture
  2. Biomedical Science
  3. Business
  4. Education
  5. Emergency and Public Service
  6. Manufacturing and Construction

Career Pathways are designed to give students an organized list of courses to help them explore certain career strands. Students who complete certain classes in the pathway, as well as practicum time related to the field, can earn a special cord for graduation. Each pathway has its own colored cord.

Pathway Details below.


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Agricultural Science

Much of Oregon’s economy is in some way related to agriculture. Students on this pathway will understand the science and ecology that is so critical to the nation.


  • Intro to Agriculture (REQUIRED FOR PATHWAY)

  • Food Science and Processing

  • Chemistry

  • Plant Science

  • Animal Science

  • Agribusiness

  • AP Environmental Science

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Biomedical Science

Biomedical science pathway careers options include: Medical doctor, nursing, forensic scientist, microbiologist, therapist, pharmacist, and/or any career in the medical field.

The biomedical science pathway is designed to give students an opportunity to learn and experience science through the fields of biology and medicine. The heart of the pathway is the Project Lead the Way curriculum, which will give students opportunities to be exposed to a wide variety of medical professions, instruments, technology, and more through year-long, experiential classes.


  • Principles of Biomedical Science

  • #Human Body Systems

  • Medical Interventions

  • *Medical Application and Terminology (New 2021)

  • #Health Occupations

# College Credit Available through Oregon Tech

*College Credit available through Chemeketa

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This pathway allows students to gain experience to concepts surrounding business, to learn the skills needed to work in business, and to gain experience that will help them prepare for this competitive field. Students will also have an opportunity to help market and run the student store.


  • Intro to Business (.5) (Required for Pathway)

  • Office Intern

  • Software Applications

  • Accounting

  • Advanced Accounting

  • Sociology

  • Psychology/AP Psychology

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This pathway is for students interested in entering the field of education. Careers include K-12 school teacher, CTE teacher, preschool teacher, school counselor, instructional assistant, school administrator, college professor, business trainer, and more.


  • Introduction to Education

  • *Education 2: Teacher Cadets (Ed105)

  • Sociology

  • Psychology/AP Psychology

  • Teacher Intern

* College Credit Available through Chemeketa/College Credit Now

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Emergency and Public Service

New for 2020-21. The pathway is designed for students interested in first responder work (police, fire, EMT), as well as social services (law, counseling, and social work). Students going into these fields will need to know the law, how to work with the public, and specific industry skills.

  • Intro to Law (Required for Pathway) (New for 2020)

  • Forensics

  • Current Events

  • Sociology

  • Psychology/AP Psych

  • Health Occupations

  • Principles of Biomedical Science OR Human Body Systems

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Manufacturing and Construction

There is a documented national and local shortage of workers who can work in the skilled trades. Student will understand both the practical and career skills needed to enter the workplace prepared and confident, as they will have hands-on opportunities to learn and use these skills.


  • Manufacturing

  • Ind. Manufacturing

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Fabrication

  • Woods 1-2

  • Construction (home building) (double-blocked class)

  • Construction Geometry