THE TYPEWRITER by Aramis Marquez

MADE IN 1867

The typewriter was a invention invented in 1867 by Christopher Sholes and his assistant Charles Glidden. The typewriter had a keyboard and when you would type something on the keyboard, it would print onto the paper. It was used to print and write things on paper faster than by hand. There had been different designs and types for different reasons like a portable one made for it to be easily carried around. There have been hundreds of versions of the typewriter before the more current model.

The purpose of the typewriter

The typewriter was used in order for the consumer to be able to write things faster than by hand. Although not popular when it came out for sale, by the 1900's, It was used by many. It was used a lot to write newspapers more easily and quickly. Also used by authors often, it was used by them often for it's simplicity and to write stories and novels quickly. In order to fit a consumer's needs, there were many versions of the typewriter for the consumer's needs to fit so the purpose of the typewriter can be fulfilled.

2 interesting facts about the typewriter

  1. A fact about the typewriter is that the QWERTY keyboard design was made for the typewriter in 1873 so you can type faster without the keyboard jamming. Another fact about the typewriter is that according to Mark Twain, his "Tom Sawyer" was the first novel; written on a typewriter in 1876.
  2. Also, the typewriter was originally made to only print page numbers on books but Glidden suggested for it to type letters.


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