The Bronco Bulletin

November 30 - December 4

Message to Teachers and Staff

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Thursday's weather was perfect. We were able to have a small gathering with my siblings (pictured on the right; minus my younger brother). I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well. As the weather starts to dip this week, remind your students to bring a second layer for arrival, recess, and PE. As you consider the physical return to Banneker this week, make sure you are taking the daily symptom checker and if you have an unexplained symptom, STAY HOME. If you or someone you care for becomes sick put in your leave request by using the Banneker quicklinks page You can also follow that up with a phone call to either Erin or me so that we can secure a sub for your classroom-if needed. I was glad to finally address some of the VDH guidelines for those with positive COVID tests and those who are considered close contact. My daughter's teacher was a close contact with someone with COVID-19 and she will begin her fifth grade Hybrid experience with a 14 day quarantined teacher, teaching from home with a substitute physically in the room. I tell you that because this is a reality that we need to prepare for and I have already begun preparing families for this. We spoke extensively about COVID mitigation during the principal's coffee last Tuesday at noon. Some things you can do; make sure your class has a supply list and knows what to bring to school, make sure your students know which day they are coming to school, make sure your families have completed their symptom checker every day before coming to school. It will also be important that you have a plan for recess and you know how to use the VIREX cleaners. Let's have a great week together. Reach out with any questions that you might have for me.

Hybrid Dress Code

I am excited to announce that the Banneker Blues hybrid dress code continues. All staff may wear denim with their Banneker spirit wear or professional tops any day of the week.

Important December Dates

December 1- First Day for Tuesday/Thursday Students

December 2- First Day for Wednesday/Friday Students

December 2- Robert's Birthday

December 3 Licensed Teacher Goals Due - School Leadership Team Check-in 2:45pm

December 7- Save the Date for Goal Meetings #1

December 14- Save the Date for Goal Meetings #2

December 17- Licensed Staff Meeting

December 21- Joyce Shanholtzer's Birthday

December 21- Equity in the Center Module 2 (All Licensed Staff 1:35-3:35pm)

December 23-January 2 Winter Break

December 28- Christa Lynch's Birthday

My Schedule

P2 Kindness Week

Labsite Sign Up This Week (See link)

Monday (Remote)

9:00am Jamestown Visit to 4th Grade

9:30am Initial IEP

1:30-2:30pm Robert, Christa, Meaghan, Alan (Ed. Elements)

Tuesday (Banneker)

7:50am- 3-5 Hybrid Return

9:00- 10:00 Principals Meeting

Wednesday (Banneker)

7:50am 3-5 Hybrid Return

9-12 Special Education Meeting

Thursday (Banneker)

Friday (Banneker)

Quote of the Week

"An investment in knowledge pays the best


- Benjamin Franklin.

Mr. Carter's Weekly Morning Meeting Message

This space is reserved for the wevideo message that should be played for all students during each the first Morning Meeting of the week. If not available, it will be emailed to BAN-ALLTeachers.