Education Timeline

20th century (1900's-1950's)


- The NAACP was founded in 1909 by a group of many racist people. The original name of NAACP is National Negro Committee.

- During the civil rights movement the NAACP was playing an important role in that period of time.

- Though they failed in the case of the Pink Franklin Case they started to fight injustice in 1910.

- After intense pressure by the NAACP the president Woodrow Wilson introduced segregation into federal government in 1918 after the NAACP publically critcsised the president in 1913.

- In 1920 the NAACP selected Atlanta for its annual conference; the city was known as an active KKK area.

- During the war, the NAACP pressured Roosevelt into ordering a non-discriminatory policy in war related industries and federal employment.

- In 1950 Thurgood Marshall the head of the NAACP legal department won his legal case in the supreme court for state universities to provide equal facilities for all students.