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A Note from Ms. Massara

We have had a great two weeks back to school in 3M! We jumped right back into the swing of things after break. We have been busy learning, laughing, and growing in room 208! Check out our newsletter to see some of the things we have been up to!

Tissues and hand sanitizer

We are running low on our supply if anyone would be willing to donate some to our classroom. Thank you!

Typing Agent

Please encourage your child to log in to Typing Agent for 20-30 minutes a week. Login information is in your child's homework book. The link to get to Typing Agent is on my E-board. Thank you!

Math test

We will have a math test on Friday 1/22. This test will cover the following skills:

  • finding perimeter of polygons and rectilinear shapes
  • finding the unknown side with a given perimeter
  • creating a shape with a given perimeter
  • finding area of rectangles and rectilinear shapes
  • finding the unknown side with a given area
  • creating a shape with a given area
  • solving number stories with area and perimeter

Please let me know if you have any questions. We will be reviewing all of the skills Wednesday and Thursday in class.

Fact tests

Please support your child in practicing their multiplication facts. They are responsible for practicing their facts at least 5 minutes a night. They can make flash cards for the times table they are on for the week. I have flash cards in school they can use. On Wednesdays they take their timed test.

Upcoming Dates

1/18 School Closed, MLK Day

1/20 School Community Meeting, 10 AM, APR

1/26 Salad Bar Lunch

1/29 School Store during lunch


Over the past two weeks we have been learning various skills dealing with area and perimeter. We will have our area and perimeter test next Friday 1/22.

Playing Kahoot to practice solving perimeter problems

Exploring area and perimeter with our floor tiles

We learned how to use Smart Notebook to make shapes for the given perimeter

Reader's Workshop

Finding Facts and Opinions in TIME for Kids

Practicing finding main idea and details

Big image

Learning about subject and object pronouns

Social Studies

We wrapped up our geography unit by playing a review game with our new game buzzers! They were a hit!


We had our first lesson in Chemistry observing the properties of an unknown chemical.

Morning Meeting fun!

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We love brain breaks!

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Star of the Week 1/4, Sophia!

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Star of the Week 1/11, Kyle Fish

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Have a wonderful weekend!