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Jenn Brower, your Jamberry Independent Nails Consultant

What are Jamberry Nail Wraps?

Jamberry Nail Shields are the newest way to accessorize your fingers and toes. This new nail treatment can be applied in as little as 15 minutes at home. With over 300 different styles available, these designer nail shields are made to last up to two weeks on fingers and six weeks on toes. No chipping, peeling, or waiting for them to dry!! Easy, fun, and affordable. One sheet can do 2 pedicures and 2 manicures. Once you start wearing your Jamberry wraps, be ready to hear, "I Love Your Nails!!"

Proper Application and Removal are Key to a Jam-tastic experience!

OFFICIAL Jamberry Nails Application Video

Over 300 Designs - From Subtle to Wild - Jamberry Nails has something for everyone!

Jamberry Juniors Are Perfect for Your Little Ones!

Let's Not Forget the Perfect Pedicure!!

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