My Mount Rushmore

By Emily

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore , the President’s Mountain, is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Doan Robinson designed Mount Rushmore, but Gutzon Borglum sculpted it. The four presidents carved into the mountain are Gorge Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson , and Theodor Roosevelt. Mount Rushmore was finished in 1994. If I could design my own Mount Rushmore these people would be on it: My mom, my dad, my grandma, and my cousin Denna.
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The first person I would put on my Mount Rushmore

The first person to be on my Mount Rushmore would be my mom, Carol Biel. One reason i chose her was because she loves and takes care of me. When i get home she gives me a snack and something to drink. Then, when it’s close to supper, she will cook a good meal. She also helps me go for my goals. One time i wanted to try out for a softball team but I was scared I wouldn’t make it. she said “ If you never try you won’t know if you will make it or not.” That changed my mind. You know what?I made it, thanks to my mom.

The second Person that would be on My Mount Rushmore

My dad, John loves me very much. He laughs at all my jokes even the bad ones. He also taught me all the values of life and to love who you are. He also taught me right and wrong. But one of the most important things he taught me was to do my best no matter what. That is why I think my dad John would be on my Mount Rushmore if I had one.

The third person to be on my Mount Rushmore if I had one.

My grandma, Bev, is very special. She is nice, loving, and grandma awesome!! She helps me with lots of things, but one of them is swim team. I have loved to swim scence I was little but I have never been good at the butterfly. My grandma helped me with how to do it. She was on a swim team when she was little so she is very good at swimming. She also has a pool. When ever we visit we always have to swim and practice. That is what I would have grandma on my Mount Rushmore.

My best friend Denna

I really think that my best friend ever should be on my Mount Rushmore.

Her name is Denna. I look up to her a lot. She is my older role model.

She always corrects me if I make a mistake, but she is always nice about it.

Whenever we get together we always have fun. We usually get together every other week.I hope when I grow up I will be like her.

The conclusion

To sum things up I hope you likes it.I wrote this because I think these people are Mount Rushmore Worthy.They really mean alot to me.

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