Australian Government

By Charlotte.H

A Little Introduction

Australian government is an interesting thing. However, it can be a very confusing topic. Many people have heaps of questions about it. To clear some of these questions up, I decided to do a much needed Q and A to answer some of the public's questions.
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Question 1

What is democracy?

- Natasha.G

Answer to Question 1

Hi Natasha! I am pleased to inform you that a democracy is a system of government in which people 'have a say'. A democracy generally values the peoples' opinions, as demonstrated via voting.The opposite to a democracy is a communist country. This is a country where there is one leader. That leader makes decisions without people having a say. These countries often have strict laws, such as electricity curfews, and internet restrictions.

Question 2

I am really confused right now! I am right in the middle of an Australian government unit in school and it is sooooo confusing! I am getting especially stuck on parliament. Can you please help!

- Angelina. K

Answer To Question 2

Hi Angelina. Sorry to hear you're having some trouble when it comes to parliament. Here is a little video i thought would help.

Question 3

Hi! I have a slight problem. I go out with my dad and grandad for lunch quite a lot, but i can never have a conversation with them! The reason is my grandad is obsessed with the Australian federal government, and he's always talking about 'labor' and 'liberal' and all these words i do not know! This means I have no idea what my dad and grandad are talking about! Please help!

- Mike. L

Answer To Question 3

Well Mike,

Your dad and grrandad are talking about the different political 'parties'.

The main ones right now are the Labor (government), and Liberal (opposition), but there are also some smaller parties that have seats in the house of reps. These are:

The Australian Greens

Palmer United Party (PUP)

Katters Australian Party

As well as 2 independants. I hope I have helped you get a feeling of the different parties.

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Question 4


I am a recent migrant from India and I was wondering where Australia's parliament is situated?


Question 5

Is the rumor that the governor general can fire the PM true?

- Kate. G

Answer to Question 5

Well Kate, the governor general does have the ability to fire the PM, so therefore that rumor is true. This actually happened on the 11 November 1975, when the Governor-General Sir John Kerr fired the current PM, Gough Whitlam

Thanks For Reading!!!

I Hope you have learned a thing or two about Australian Government!

Answer to question 4

Hey Tabatha,

I hope you are enjoying your time in marvellous Australia! For an answer to your question, Australia's parliament house is situated in Canberra, ACT.