The 6E Chronicle

Winter 2014

The First Edition!

Welcome to the first edition of The 6E Chronicles! The aim of this newsletter is to keep you up-to-date with what we have been learning, any special events that are coming up and some interesting articles and ideas shared by the class.


Winter Break

Friday, Dec. 19th, 9pm



Winter Break

Classes will end at 12pm for all students on this day. We will have an assembly and some time in Homeroom to make sure we are ready for the festive season.

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6E have decided to run their own Secret Santa gift exchange this year and I thought that it was important to let you know of the ‘rules’!

1. Students have all selected a name, at random, from a hat. This is the name of the person who they will be giving a gift to.

2. Gifts should be homemade (cookies, candles, tree decorations, for example) or cost no more than 5 Euros.

3. Gifts should be wrapped with a name tag on them.

4. We will exchange all gifts on Thursday 18th December during our final Ethics lesson of 2014.

If you know that your son/daughter will not be here on Thursday, please ask them to let me know and we will arrange an alternative. We may be able to exchange gifts a little earlier than planned.

6E wanted to focus their Secret Santa project on being kind and thoughtful to one another rather than spending lots of money. This links in perfectly with our Service as Action project - spreading smiles!

Operation Smile

For our Service as Action group project, we have been working on devising a range of activities to raise both awareness and money for the charity 'Operation Smile'. This organisation was suggested by George as he has a connection to the company through a friend.

We have been learning what Operation Smile do and the amazing service that they provide for young people born with cleft palettes and cleft lips in a range of countries throughout the world. We watched the video below to help us understand more about the work they do.

When we first started researching for our project, we realised that not many students at MIS would know about Operation Smile. To raise awareness of the charity, we have decided to split out project into two - Advocacy and Fundraising.


This part of the project will be lead by Marla, George, Akriti and Sam and comes from a tester activity we tried in one of our Ethics lessons!

Posters will be displayed around the school that have tear-off slips along the bottom. These slips will contain short compliments that will hopefully help people smile through the course of the day.