The Journey of Computers

Old Vs. New

The Beginning

The first computer was the ENIAC which was built in 1946. It was huge, like an entire floor of an office building huge. The, around 30 years later came the first personal computer, The Altair 8800, it was still very big but not as big as ENIAC. At least this one could fit on your desk. Next, about 6 years later, the first laptop was born! The Osbourne was the first mobile, personal computer. But, 2 years later, Here came Steve Jobs With his revolutionary Apple 2E. People where amazed and astonished by Job's creation. Then someone came knocking on the door... It's the INTERNET! in 1991 it became mainstream and everyone everybody who was anybody was on it. It was the greatest thing ever.

The Modern Day...well...Everything!

After the Apple Macintosh came out, technology kept becoming better. More portable laptops came out to smartphones to iPods to iPhones to iPads to even Apple Watches! There are even smart fridges that let you look inside your fridge to help you see what groceries you need. Modern day Technology has changed many lives for the the better and honestly, i wouldn't want to Go back to the 20th century for electronics and i can't wait for whatever is next for Modern Day Technology.