Major civil war battles in Texas

by Brian Vera


It helped not only Texas but the south industrialize. Ended slavery in all southern states. Also gave sates power equal to the federal government. More work for the people left behind. Sales of cotton and other basic supplies. More tension between unionists and Confederates.

The battle of Galveston

Importance union lost Galveston to the confederacy
Date/location January 1st, 1863 in Galveston
Leaders John magruder, Isaac S. Burrell, William B. Rensha
Reason of occurrence The union wanted to cut off supplies from the union

The battle of Sabine pass

Importance most one sided confederate victory during the war.
Date and location September 8, 1863 Jefferson County
Leaders William Franklin Frederick Crocker,Richard Dowling
Reason of occurrence the north attempts to invade and occupy part of Texas

Red river

Importance Union was embarrassed after an horrible loss

Date/location March 10-May 22 1864 by the red river

Leaders Nathanial P Banks, Richard Taylor

Reason of occurrence Union accidentally went into Texas

The battle Brownsville

Importance Union sent large force of 6,000 and captured the city a majorport

Date/location Brownsville, November 6, 1863

Leaders José Maria Cobos,Hamilton P. Bee,Nathaniel P. Banks
Reason of occurrence The union wanted to take down a port

The battle of palmito ranch

Importance last battle of civil war

Date/location may 13 1865 in Cameron county, Texas

Leaders Theodore Harvey Barrett, John Salmon "Rip" Ford

Reason of occurrence confederates did not know the war was over

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