Registered Nurse Interview

With Sandra Putnam By: Victoria Garza

How long have you been a registered nurse?

"Since 2005" (9 years)

What training did you need in order to be successful?

"In 2005 the requirements for a registered nurse was an associates degree. Now they require a bachelors degree for a more educated registered nurse."

Can I do this out of high school?....College?..Vocational or trade school?

"You can become a registered nurse out of College, having a associates or bachelors degree, and besides that you could volunteer at a doctors office to help you gain experience."

How did you first get involved with this career?

"I first was a teacher, for an elementary school, 6 out of seven of my days was spent working....either grading, lesson plans, and meetings I wanted more time to spend with my family, and have time to see my babies grow up. it took me two years to change my profession but now i only work 2 days out of the week as well as spending time with my kids and doing stuff around the house. Which is why I decided to become a registered nurse."

Are there opportunities for advancement?

"There are so many different opportunities for a registered nurse... a nurse practitioner, mid wife, administrator in healthcare, and a nurse at a nursing home."

Can you get tuition reimbursement?

"Yes, you can sign up for scholarships or working in a healthcare facility or hospital and they might pay for your medical education."

What is the most interesting project you have ever been involved with?

"I worked on the spirit team, I felt like I didn't know anyone apart from the people that run the same shifts as i made a bulletin board with all the hospital staff so we would recognize people that worked there too. We also used it for the patients to give us feedback on how we did in helping them or treating them. I did this to bring us up and be happy."

Describe a typical day in your career?

"I got to work, asked standard questions to see how the patient was doing and make sure they are comfortable. Check computers, make sure they had their medicine, check patient, update patient to make sure they have everything they need and are in reach of the phone to be able to call the nurses."

How much vacation time do you get a year?

"Every two weeks is 6 hours of paid time off."

What is the job outlook for this profession?

"Requires lots of documentation on the computer and less time with the patient. It is projected to grow a small bit because they are requiring more education from you."

Do you see yourself continuing this career ten years from now?

"I don't know, I mean i'm not working at the hospital at the moment because I refused to receive any type of vaccinations and shots, and they also require that from family members as well, which I don't agree with. For this reason I choose to work at a hospice, where they don't require us to receive any shots or vaccinations."