Commercial and Target market

By Jeremy Redfern

Michael Jackson Pepsi Commercial

Demographics - Kids and adults

Psychographics - people who like Michael Jackson and Pepsi

Geographics - anywhere where Pepsi is sold

This commercial is Bandwagon because if Michael is drinking Pepsi why aren't you

Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation

Heart warming Thai commercial

Demographics- Mainly adults

Psychographics- People who care about others and people who need life insurance

Geographics- Mainly Asian parts of the world

This is emotional appeal because of the struggling little girl and the sad music

Heartwarming Thai Commercial - Thai Good Stories By Linaloved

Kevin Durant and Dwayne Wade

Demographics- Teens and some adults

Psychographics- People who like basketball and like these players

Geographics- Generally in the American market or anywhere basketball is a big sport and Gatorade is sold

This is Testimonial because there saying that this drink helps them perform better than other drinks

Kevin Durant & Dwyane Wade Gatorade Commercial