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Something Missing from your PD Offerings?

Teach it!

If there's a skill, technique, bit of knowledge or tool that you can share then pick a date and fill out the PD proposal form on Moodle.

Last year, the staff of the Northport East-Northport school district presented hundreds of hours of PD but there are so many topics that were left unexplored. Talk to your colleagues, get a plan and take control of your PD.

Finding Fads

One of the biggest fads right now is Vine. Brought to us by Twitter, whose brevity has changed the internet, television and news media in ways you don't even realize, Vine allows users to create six second videos that repeat in a loop until you tell them to stop. In some cases, it's the succinct nature of the videos that captures your attention while others just get funnier every time they repeat.

For a better explanation, check out this NPR blog post.

There are some ways that Vine just might be able to help in your classroom.

Check out the six second creations in the video below.

How Much Science Can You Fit Into 6 Seconds? - GE