7th Grade Newsletter

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May 9th - May 13th

Grade Level Information

Upcoming Dates:

5/9 - ELA Benchmark

5/10 - Math Benchmark

5/11 - Science Benchmark

5/12 - Social Studies Benchmark

5/19 - Zoo Field Trip

5/25 - Field Day

5/26 - Awards Day at 8am in the BMS gym

5/27 - Last Day of School

Language Arts

Cable: Language Arts Benchmark on Monday! Continue reading class novel.

Johnson: Continue The Giver novel study, language arts benchmark test on Monday, May 9 (students received study guide on Tuesday, May 3), verb unit - verbals

Taylor: Novel: 10 Days Anne Frank, Book Report due Friday May 13. Benchmark Monday


7th Grade Math: We will be taking our Quarter 4 Benchmark on Tuesday, May 10th. Your child has a review sheet and it is also posted to class websites. We will continue our 8th Grade Preview Unit as well.


Webster: Our class is beginning our study of Amphibians. We will also review for the Benchmark on Wednesday, May 11.

Cochran and Larson: We will continue designing and constructing catapults as a preview of 8th grade Physical Science. The Science Benchmark is Wednesday, 5/11.

Duncan: We have finally finished our "Storming the Castle" tournament. We will now be moving on to "Float Your Boat". These activities are a preview of 8th grade physical science.


Social Studies

​Mrs. Black's, Mrs. Cochran, and Mrs. Hosch's classes will be working on their Decades project over 20th Century U.S. history.

Castleman: Benchmark on Thursday, 5/12. 1st, 4th, 5th - decades project due 5/13. 2nd - preview Georgia studies beginning with geography

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