Poetry Project

By: Ashley Martinez & Avigail Martinez

Author Emulation

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The poem's meaning is about the poet expressing his or her feelings of love of their favorite sport which in this case is soccer.

Lyric Poem



There's a lot of different schools

But this one is the best.

It's more than just a school

cause it's better than the rest.

Ywcpa is the best

What else can I say

It can be a lotta of fun

If you know how to stay

I really want our school to soar

And I love it when we win

But when the school is over

I still want to come again

We have a really good prime

To teach us how to pass

So we can all grow up to be

Great and big leaders someday

Even though we can't win every day

Teachers wants us to have fun

It doesn't matter if we make it or not

Our school is still Number One

Author Emulation

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The poem's meaning is that the poet remembers about his or her dad because he had been their great hero and the poet wishes that they would be together one day.

Epic Poem

You kept my heart

When we were small

You brought me some good tales

You're the lover of my future

And my present time details

And every time I daydream you

My heart starts a loud cheer

Though I'll always remember

I know you're a life peer

In happy through sad moments

6In future, past as well

I know you're protecting all me

Until you get life spell

Author Emulation

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The poem's meaning is the poet telling a story on building a structure to give to their "crew", salamanders, for them to live in, and the poet also talks about wanting to live that day again.

Narrative Poem

Two Day

It was a regular day

on a river

just me, family,

and a creep giving shiver.

I created big copper wood.

Family made a ship.

We made towers and buildings

for our kitten and mice tip

Each kitten and mice blue glitter

smiling at the moon

If I could live one day again

this would be too soon.