Animal Abuse In Zoos

Giselle Kleinbussink, 1/14/16, Diglit Wasser, Period 1

Why I Chose This Topic

How can I stop people who are harming animals. I Chose this topic because i care I want to help stop these people who are harming animals in zoos. Zoos are supposed to help not hurt animals. How can I stop these people? In some zoos they chain their animals to bars and trap them in cages and claim on their web sites that their the best around. Many animals develop a disease called "Zoochosis" because of this, scientists believe that this disease is caused by stress in animals at zoo's and other place whom mistreat animals.

About the topic

Not all zoo's are bad but some are just awful, some zoo's imprison animals in un-real and small environments! After a while these animals develop a disease called "Zoochosis"

this is believed to be caused by stress in an animal, have you ever seen an animal rock back and forth if you have you have just witnessed one of the many victims suffering from this condition. Another heart breaking fact about bad zoos is many don't bother to even give the animals to basic things it needs to live there for the animals die. In many zoos, animals risk everything including their life just to escape their prison like cage.

My opinion about the topic

The time is always right to do what is right.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Take a stand speak up for animals who are being abused in zoos or in circuses. No one could possibly enjoy what some zoos call entertainment, watching animals slowly losing hope in a better life. In some zoo's they think its ok to force animals to perform painful and unnatural tricks. Here's a story about china's zoo's. If you don't know the Siberian tiger is one of the worlds most endangered species so we treasure them or at least most of us do. The Shenyang forest wild zoo allowed 11 of it siberian tigers to starve to death in freezing small metal cages. After the tigers died they sold the parts and bones for high prices to buy other things for themselves. I know its sad and disappointing and that's why I don't go to circuses traveling zoo and just plain bad zoo's just keep in mind not all zoo's are bad.

The Pro's about zoo's

Do you know that good feeling you sometimes get at zoo's with your family remember
that feeling. Zoo's create unique Experiences with friends and family that you cant get anywhere else. Zoo's are not only perfect for animals but they help us have knowledge for all the animals there. Zoo's connect people to animals and when this happens more people care. The world around us is changing rapidly and so are populations. In zoo's animals have chances to live. Zoo's are saving animals from extinction and protecting them. Here's a quote by Paul Rodriguez a Famous comedian and actor,

"Animals don't have anyone to protect them. If we don't stand up, the people who are harming animals will never get stopped."

Zoo's are protecting animals from those people so those animals can be raised well.