Fresh Slides show to Go

Create Your Own Slideshow

Not only can you create a slideshow with photos and music, you can also organize your slideshow further by adding comments, setting speed, changing transition effects[premium], or even making a quiz in your slideshow.

Sharing Slideshow

It’s super easy to share PhotoPeach slideshow on other media such as twitter, facebook, myspace, blogs or via email.


Ease of Use

PhotoPeach allows you to create a rich slideshow easily in seconds and the slideshows are instantly ready for presentation. It can be easily started and finished within a short class period.

Flexible privacy settings

Photopeach has flexible privacy settings: Public, unlisted, and private. Slideshows are set to unlisted by default. According to your purpose for the slideshow, you can either keep it public, unlisted for sharing in a closed network only; or you can make it public and share it with the larger community of parents or the educators' network. detail »


PhotoPeach is great for collaborative group work. By using the quiz feature you can create an interactive slideshow with multiple choice questions on any or all slides. Students can answer quizzes made by a teacher or they could create their own quizzes and give a presentation to the class.