DUE: MAY 5, 2022

Lion Families,

Please take a few moments of your time to complete the below survey. Once you enter the survey, click “NEXT” for English and click the “LINK” that appears on the first page for the Spanish version.


Please take a few moments to share your experiences with our district and your perceptions of our district. YOU are important to this process, and we really need to hear from you.


Due: Friday, 5/6/22

The District is working on a very comprehensive needs assessment process and we are dedicating our time to really looking at our needs as we continue to create even better schools for our community. We want everyone to be proud of our community; we want to meet our community needs, and we want to continue to grow into the district our students deserve.

Schools are places of learning, and we as educators never stop growing!

We are committed to this work and gathering this information.


DUE: MAY 4, 2022

We are also preparing for Teacher Appreciation Week.

While the District is committed to letting our staff know how much we value them, what teachers appreciate most are kind words and thoughts from our community, current students, and former students.



Due: May, 4, 2022

In Lindenwold, there are teachers in our classrooms who educate our students through formal learning. However, there are also teachers everywhere you look, too! If there is a staff member, a teacher, who has made a positive impact for you, your family, or your child, here is a way to reach out to them. Maybe it’s someone who has always been there for support.

Perhaps it’s a teacher who went above and beyond to help you or your child succeed. It may be a teacher who saw that special spark in your child and motivated him/her to take risks in learning.

It may be a coach, counselor, lunch aide, hall monitor, custodian, case manager, instructional assistant, etc. who really loves your child and has helped your child realize his/her potential.

Maybe it’s just someone who showed kindness when you or your child needed it most.

Our staff has been impacted during this challenging time as much as our families. They have had to struggle daily: with the lack substitute coverage (substitute shortages); they are crushed when we can't bring every afterschool activity back due the lack of after school busing (national bus driver shortage), and they have regularly given up their prep time and sometimes lunchtime to assist wherever they are needed.

And all the while, even though our staff has experienced moments of frustration - just like you, I am VERY proud of them for jumping in when needed and putting the needs of our children first.

Feel free to share a kind word or thought as we celebrate Teachers' Appreciation Week!