Chinese Mythology

by Grace Gilroy

Who created Chinese Mythology?

Everyone. Over time, certain beliefs arose, and questions followed. Questions like, "How was China created? How did everything get to where it is? How did peach trees grow here? Why do birds migrate to a certain place every year?" and the answer, people believed, was beings of a higher power. For example, an ancient Chinese creation myth states that a god called Pangu awoke in the darkness of space and created our planet. He shaped the Earth's terrain and created heaven above us. He had to keep it there until it stuck, and for aeons, he held it up. Now, he got very tired during this. So the first thing he did after his burden was finished was sleep. He never woke up. His breath, so the legend goes, created the atmosphere. His body became the Himalayas. Parasites, apparently, created us (EWWW!), and his blood became the rivers and the oceans and pretty much all water. This was an explanation for almost everything in Chinese culture, and so they accepted it. This was also the case for other myths, however.

Why did people accept this new form of thinking?

It was the only explanation for the planet existing! It explained earthquakes, tsunamis, and everything else! People believed that whenever a new ruler arose to the throne, they had gained the Mandate of Heaven. The Mandate of Heaven was the approval of the gods. When there were natural disasters, people thought that the gods were angry and the Mandate of Heaven was lost. Then a new ruler would come and the process restarted.
Tale Of Four Dragons

The Tale of Four Dragons

The video above tells the story of the great four dragons, and what they did when their country starved.

What are some of the myths?

When was Chinese Mythology created?

Like the 'Who' category, it wasn't created overnight. Years of wondering and questions lead to a general belief of these myths and more.