Google Classroom Information

Quick Video Tutorials for CCDS Parents and Students

Are you using Google Classroom for the first time?

Google Classroom will be the main way that teachers post announcements and assignments for students. You can click on any of the videos and buttons below for great information on getting started with Google Classroom. Google Classroom works best when the student has signed in to the Google Chrome browser with their CCDS Google account (ex.

Unable to Join Google Classroom with the Code Provided

Unable to join Google Classroom with the code

Joining Google Classroom

From Chrome to Portal to Google Classroom
Joining Google Classroom with a Code
Joining Google Classroom with a teacher has invitation.

The Google Classroom Dashboard

Navigating the Dashboard inside Google Classroom

Navigating Inside a Google Classroom

A basic tour of inside a Google Classroom
Finding the Classwork Tab and navigating to view a
Completing an assignment and turning it in
Getting an assignment Checking grades
Finding the elusive ‘Turn in’ button
Different types of assignments
Parents Your role inside Google Classroom
Installing Google Chrome

Click here for download instructions if Chrome is not installed on your device.

Adding or Switching Your Google Account

Click here for directions on how to add your account or switch to your account.

Clear Chrome Cache

Click here for directions on how to clear your Chrome data.

Getting Ready for Online Learning

Click here for additional information on getting started with online learning.