By: Alexa Koures

DNA in Biotechnology

 DNA controls cell’s functions so scientists study it to learn how to manipulate DNA so they can produce organisms with altered functions

How is Biotechnology used in DNA Testing?

-Checks if someone is a carrier of a disease

-Sex Determination

-Newborn Screening

-Paternity Tests

-Makes generating vaccines easier

-Predicts cancer before symptoms start

How Is Biotechnology Used In Agriculture

Biotechnology can be used to create improved versions of organisms by breeding certain organisms together

One Example of Biotechnology in Agriculture Is.....

If a farmer has wheat plants that keep getting dieases he/she could crossbreed different varities of wheat plants together until he/she gets a new species that is immne to the disease.


Bioremediation is when you use use micro-organisms to help return an environment to its normal state after it has been contaminated.

How Does Bioredmediation Work?

When an environment, such as an ocean, is destroyed some organisms may die but some may be able to eat through the contaminants and survive. Bioremediation works by giving those contaminants that survive nutrients and fertilizer so they can continue to eat away the contaminants and bring the environment back to its original state.

Negative Impacts of Biotechnology

~Scientists do not know for sure how GM plants affect the human body after a long period of time because they just became available in the 1990's

~animals used for growing organs would have to be kept in very sterile, unatural areas

~animals are not able to give their consent to grow organs so they are not donors they are sources

~Could increase our reliance on pesticides which are bad for the environment

~many moral issues

What Jobs Use Biotechnology?

~medical scientists research biological systems so they can understand human diseases and learn how to treat them

~forest geneticist is an important career in agriculture that uses genetics to breed trees and make sure that no species becomes endangered

~reproductive physiologists study genetics and how to breed animals more productivly and efficiently with desired charecteristics

~Meat scientists study many things such as what types of food will improve meat quality, or give the animal more muscle

Where Does North Carolina Rank?

North carolina is ranked second in biotechnology. They lost first to Texas who has always held first place since the ranking began. Florida recieved third place.


~ 4-14-14

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Biotech Centers in NC

~NC Biotechnology center in durham

~Charlotte Research Institute

~NC Research Campus in Kannapolis

~NC Chapel Hill

~Gateway University Research Park