The Great Depression

Kortney Pizur


  • The stock market crash was one of the main causes of The Great Depression

  • President Roosevelt blamed the Great Depression on "unscrupulous money lenders" and a "generation of self seekers"

  • The stock market didnt return to how it was before the Great Depression until 1954

  • Superman, Dick Tracy, and Flash Gordon comic strips were made to keep children entertained

  • "Hoovervilles" were where people who lost their homes would live, they were named after President Herbert Hoover

Key Person

Franklin D. Roosevelt lead The United States through the Great Depression and World War II. He came into office after the 31st President Herbert Hoover, who was president during part of the great depression. He created the New Deal which helped greatly with the role of the government. He was a central figure during this time. He blamed the economic problem on mostly bankers and financers.

Wall Street Crash of 1929

The american stock market crash was the start of the Great Depression.

Townsend Proposed Pension Plan - 1933

A letter was sent from Dr. Francis Townsaid which proposed state funded pentions for the elderly so it could boost employment and consumption.

The Dust Bowl - 1931

The land was so dry and there was hardly any moisture in the soil that it caused it to get dry and dusty. With a good blow of the wind all the dust got picked up and blown everywhere. The dust storms engulfed many towns. They went on until the end of the decade in some places.

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