The Buccaneer Bulletin

Principal Newsletter - August 12th, 2022

Buccaneer Families,

Today's newsletter contains important information regarding district-wide expectations and updates. It was great seeing so many families yesterday at Buc Bash! We look forward to greeting your students on Tuesday morning with open arms.


- Lunches for 7th and 8th grade will be posted in Skyward on Monday. No changes will be made to lunch schedules.

- If your student's schedule is now blocked in Skyward, it is because their immunization records are not up to date. These must be updated and submitted for your child to attend on the first day of school.


Laura Keogh, Principal

Coming Up at the Bend...

8/15: Open House from 4:30-6 pm

8/16: 1st Day of School

Open House for Families

Monday, August 15th from 4:30-6 pm

  • Out of consideration for families who cannot attend Buc Bash, we will host an Open House of families on the evening of August 15th.
  • Families can walk around the school on a self-guided tour.
  • Walk your student's schedule and locate his/her locker.
  • Student schedules will be available in Skyward. Printed copies of schedules will not be provided.
  • Staff will not be available during this time. It is simply an opportunity for families and students to walk schedules and tour the campus.

Cafeteria Updates

  • Online meal pre-payments can take up to 24 hours to process.
  • The My School Bucks service charges a convenience fee of $2.75 for online credit card deposits up to $240.00 (as of 7/16/2021).
  • The overall convenience fee for the max credit card deposit is 1%.
  • Free pre-payments are accepted in cash or check at your campus café.
  • For proper account credit, cash or check pre-payments must be in a labeled envelope with student ID# and full name. Checks should be made payable to "LTISD."
  • If you deposit money at your school café, the money is immediately available for students at the campus only. It is available district-wide the following business day.
  • Students will not be allowed to purchase snacks or a la carte items without a positive balance in their lunch account.
  • Chick-Fil-A sandwiches will be served once a week. Students must have a positive balance in their account in order to purchase this item.
  • You may sign up for My School Bucks or download the free app to utilize transaction history and other features.
  • It is suggested that all students have an account with a few days’ credit on it in case lunches or money are misplaced or forgotten.
  • Student balances from the previous year will be rolled over to the new school year.
  • For our online menus and prices, please visit Nutrislice or download the Nutrislice app.
  • The Federal Lunch Program Forms are available online.
  • Please visit MySchoolBucks Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • For more information, call 512-533-6037 or email

Middle School campuses will be offering a limited lunch menu as well as limited serving lines for a period of time as we try to work through some staffing issues. Students who bring food from home will have access to microwaves in the cafeteria.

The daily menu includes

Hogie/Sub sandwich, fruit, and vegetable meal option

Baked Potato and Salad option

Al a Carte items available

Chick Fil A day will continue to be offered on Thursdays

*Please note the Chick Fil A sandwich is an al la carte menu item and is not a part of the meal program.

Meal Prices

  • Middle School: $3.30 Classic Lunch

  • Chick Fil A Schedule – ($5.25 per sandwich)

LTISD Middle School Cell Phone Policy

Students are allowed to possess and/or use cell phones or personal mobile devices during:

  • Before and after school hours

  • Lunch

  • Passing periods

  • Principal approval will be required when the teacher’s lesson plan calls for the use of smartphones, personal mobile devices, apps, etc. as a tool for specific educational activities.

Any and all use of a cell phone or personal mobile device must fall within the expectations outlined in the LTISD Student Code of Conduct and the LTISD Acceptable Use Policy (Appendix A).

Student Expectations:

Classroom or learning environment:

  • The phone must be kept on silent mode and not on the person.
  • Students are not allowed to call or text during class time. Any parent communication will occur through district channels, ie, teacher phones, front office, etc.
  • Be advised that the teacher or other LTISD personnel will confiscate the phone or personal mobile device at any time to prevent disruption of the learning environment. District personnel are not responsible for lost or damaged phones or devices. – LTISD Student Code of Conduct

Schoolwide or School-Related Event:

  • The use of electronic devices in locker rooms, restroom areas, or other areas of student privacy while at school is strictly prohibited. The school is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.
  • The District prohibits unauthorized audio or visual recordings, or transmission of audio or visual recordings, of other students or staff.

Violation of Expectations Discipline Process:

  • Each offense, including the first: the teacher will collect the phone or personal device and bring it to the office for the rest of the school day. The phone or personal mobile device can be retrieved by the student from the front office at the end of the school day.
  • Third instance (with a single teacher/class): The teacher will write a discipline referral.
  • Violation of Acceptable Use as defined by the Student Code of Conduct: Phone turn-in protocol will be enforced for 2 weeks, and parents will be contacted- Administered by Assistant Principal.


The PE/Pre-Athletics online uniform store is now open! The store will close on August 21st at midnight so do not wait to order! All uniforms will be delivered to Hudson Bend and coaches will distribute them out to students.

Online Uniform Store

Frequently asked questions:

How many uniforms should I order?

  • It is up to you but most families order 2 sets to avoid doing laundry frequently

What if I have an old uniform from athletics or PE already?

  • You can use that! You do not have to purchase a new uniform if you already have one

What if I order the wrong size?

  • Please make sure to check the sizing guide on the store to order correctly. We might be able to switch out sizes but cannot guarantee that.

Can my student just wear a gray shirt and black shorts to dress out in?

  • No, students need to purchase the uniform

Do I have to purchase both shirts?

  • No. We gave an option this year of a cotton t-shirt and a performance t-shirt. The choice is yours!

What if I cannot purchase a uniform right now?

  • If you cannot purchase a uniform right now for whatever reason please fill out this link and we will take care of it.

Health Information

Prescription and Non-Prescription Drugs

  • Must be dropped off and picked up by a parent/guardian in the health office.
  • Must be in the original container, unexpired..
  • Parent or guardian must complete and sign the “Request for Medication Administration” form, found HERE
  • Physician signature required for: prescription given more than 10 school days; nonprescription given more than 5 consecutive days or at a higher than labeled dose.
  • Must remain in the health office, not with the student (except for asthma medication and epi-pens with written permission signed by the physician).

Immunization Information

  • Texas Law requires all students to be current with their immunizations or have an up-to-date exemption form on file with the school nurse prior to the first day of school. These records must be in the nurse’s office by August 10th to ensure your student will receive their schedule of classes. Any student whose immunization records are incomplete or who does not have an exemption on file with the school nurse will not be allowed to attend classes on the first day of school.
  • Entry into 7th grade requires proof that your student has received the Tdap and Meningococcal vaccines.
  • All new students enrolling must complete registration with all required documents and immunizations. This must be submitted before the first day of school. Nurse Meyerhofer will contact you for any missing immunizations.

Special Health Conditions

  • If your child has a severe allergy, asthma, other chronic medical condition, or requires medication at school please notify Nurse Meyerhofer, so she can create a plan before school begins.
  • Immunization records and emergency care plans may be faxed to 512-533-6414, or scanned and attached to email at

Yearbooks On Sale Now Through August 15th!

Big picture
Big picture

PTO Updates

Buc Lounge

Our Buc Lounge needs to be restocked for this school year! Please click here to view the wish list on Amazon. THANK YOU for your kind donations!

Volunteer Sign Up

Please use this link to sign up to be a PTO volunteer. You will receive information about when volunteers are needed throughout the school year. Thank you for your help!

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Big picture
Big picture

Morning Drop Off

Car Rider Drop Off

  • All HBMS students (grades 6-8) are to be dropped off at the Main Entrance in the front of the school illustrated by the Green route on the map.
  • The Primary entrance is best for cars entering from 620.
  • The Secondary entrance is best for cars entering from the Apache Shores area, as they cannot turn left into the primary entrance from General Williamson.
  • Parents, as you curb at the front entrance, please pull as far forward as possible in order to allow as many vehicles into the front loop at one time.

We have learned that groups of cars arrive in groups due to the light, so pulling forward prevents a backup of cars. Please, DO NOT drop your student off in the faculty and visitor parking lot. HBMS does not have staff available in the morning to monitor the crosswalk for safety.

Thank you for your cooperation in this process and keeping students safe in the morning.

Additional Information:

  • Please have your child/children ready to exit the car prior to entering the drive.
  • Pull all the way up to the cone that is furthest forward in a single line near the sidewalk to drop off your child/children.
  • Allow your child to exit anywhere on the sidewalk, rather than waiting until you are directly in front of the doors.
  • Stay in your vehicle once you enter either drive, just as your would at the airport.
  • Please allow enough time for morning traffic (especially on rainy days).
  • All car riders should be dropped off from the car rider lane only.
  • For the safety of your child, do not let your child exit your car and walk between parked vehicles, as this is not a safe option.
  • The car loops are one way at all times, both morning and afternoon.
  • Being on time allows your child to begin their school day without feeling rushed. It is also important to model being on time.

Other Transportation Options

  • Walkers and bicycle riders will enter the building through the back doors across from the tennis courts.
  • Bus riders will be dropped off at the back entrance by the café.

Afternoon Dismissal

There are 4 dismissal options:

  • Bus Riders
  • Car Riders
  • Walkers
  • Bike Riders

Bus Riders

  • ONLY buses pick up at the back of the school building.
  • Please do not enter the bus lane at the back of the school.
  • Bus riders will exit the back doors of the main hallway.
  • Buses will transport ONLY eligible riders with SMART tags ready upon entry.

Car Riders

  • All car riders will be picked up at the main front entrance.
  • The Primary and Secondary entrances for cars are the same as morning drop-off.
  • The Primary entrance is best for cars entering from 620.
  • The Secondary entrance is best for cars entering from the Apache Shores area, as they cannot turn left into the primary entrance from General Williamson.
  • Cars will be directed into both lanes of the loading zone.
  • Please pull as far forward as possible to the furthest forward cone and do not leave a large gap between you and the vehicle in front. This will allow us room to get many cars in each lane at a time.
  • The car zones are designated as “Inner” and “Outer”, and will fill in simultaneously, but be released one at a time by supervising staff members.
  • Students are to watch for their car and move down the sidewalk anticipating where they will stop.
  • When given the “load up” direction by staff members, because all cars in the Loading Zones have stopped and are in Park, students can then load up.
  • When all cars are loaded and the staff gives the “thumbs up”, the zones will be released one at a time.
  • Shortly after these zones are released, staff members will let the next set of cars enter the Loading Zones and we will do it all again.
  • The first group of cars is usually released about 4 minutes after the dismissal bell (4:14pm) and each group after that takes about 1 minute.
  • Working together with the number of cars that are coming through, we should be sending the last group out at approximately 4:25pm.

Please communicate with your students to make sure that they are watching for you in order to move to where you will stop. This way we do not have to call out names which slows up the process. We will send groups without students if all other cars are loaded.

Thanks for your cooperation in making this process safe and efficient.

Walkers and Bike Riders

  • Exit out of the back doors. Please be aware of cars and buses, as there is no crossing guard.

Please view the map above for further explanation of the dismissal process.

Dress Code & Items That Do Not Belong In School

District Dress Code Prohibits the Following:

  • Exposed undergarments, chest, midriff, or buttocks
  • Crop tops, strapless tops, halter tops, backless tops, and shirts with spaghetti straps
  • Shorts, skirts, or dresses that expose any undergarments or private areas of the body
  • Clothing advertising tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, violence, or material that is offensive
  • Spandex or form-fitting attire that does not cover buttocks
  • Pajamas or other bedtime attire (unless for a "dress up day" approved by principal)
  • Hats inside the building (unless for a "dress up day" approved by principal)
  • Hoodies up over the head. Hoodies can be worn, but the hood cannot be over the head.

Items That Do Not Belong at School:

  • Weapons, including pocket knives
  • Tobacco, tobacco products, and electronic cigarettes
  • Drugs, alcohol, or drug paraphernalia
  • Skateboards, rollerblades, or shoes with wheels

Wearing school-issued Smart Tag ID card on a lanyard is an expected part of the dress code. Students must wear their ID card over the front of their clothing (not on their backpack) and must have this to purchase lunch, check out library books and get assistance at the Tech Depot. This is critical to the safety and security of our building. All staff and students must wear their IDs during the school day. We appreciate your assistance reminding your students of this important requirement. Should they lose their badge or need a replacement, these can be purchased at the front desk anytime during the school day or before school.

For a more detailed list, see the LTISD Secondary Student/Parent Handbook.

HBMS Leadership Team

While our campus leadership team works collaboratively with all students and teachers, the following information should help you reach the appropriate administrator or counselor for your child's grade level should a question or concern arise. We are committed to serving our students and appreciate the opportunity to work together with families to support our learners.


Laura Keogh

6th Grade

Assistant Principal: Matt Holley

Counselor: Dana Page

7th Grade

Assistant Principal: Brian Gill

Counselor: JoAnn Bryan

8th Grade

Assistant Principal: Cristy Castanares

Counselor: Surita Scholla

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