College Basketball

Francisco Mercado


College Basketball has to be a good sport,but they are some things that can happend like injuries.But thats not what always happends,the good thing is that players help the team on winning streaks.


At College Basketball there is a great opportunities ,sometimes players loose there opportunities because of their injuries. Sometimes when a team has a good player and he gets injured,affects the team winning streak to make it top 1.

Winning Streaks

Basketball teams can have different streaks.It can a winning streak or a loosing streak.In 2012-@2013 season Kentuchy won 38 games,middle Tennessee had the best Road Win Streaks.


There is different types of players,each player has a different level of play.Some players have a low or high level.The players that have a good high level performance every time they step on the court,they help their team really well getting Ws.


This is College Basketball,its a fun sport,but their are some things that can happend,so be careful.