Lincoln Agenda

January 11-15, 2016

Operation Lifesaver

Mark your calendars! We will have a presentation by Operation Lifesaver (railroad safety) on February 2.

Tornado & Lockdown Drill

Please be sure to review the procedures with your students. Both drills will be held on Tuesday. Parents will be informed that we held a drill via email. Any questions, please ask.

ISTEP Readiness Test

The statewide ISTEP Readiness Test (stress test on our devices) will be held on January 20 from 9:00-10:00. All devices will be needed for this test. (This is in addition to the test on January 12.)

ISTEP Practice

ISTEP Part 2 will have a different online platform than previous years. (Pearson instead of CTB.) There is an online practice test (ePATS) available to allow students experience with the platform.

This will be sent home to parents so that it can be practiced at home on a computer (not a mobile device). LolaJean is sending info to parents and they will receive an Alert Now as well.

Textbook Adoption (Math)

Textbook samples have started to arrive. They will be in your respective workrooms, unless you would prefer that they are moved to the lounge. Please complete a rubric (will be emailed) for each math series.

The plan is for the top 3 (district wide) publishers to present to the staff for the final vote. Elementary teachers will not be attending the textbook caravan.

Assessment Info

Reading Benchmarking January 4-14

  • Tier 2 & Tier 3 students must be benchmarked using the F & P kit. Benchmark levels should be put in the google doc.
  • Please put Tier 1 students' current guided reading level (what they are reading during your reading groups for instruction, not necessarily their Fall Benchmark) in the google doc.

WIDA Assessment - January 11-February 26

STAR 360 - Testing January 19-29

ISTEP Part 1 - February 29-March 11

At this time we do not have funding for JAM or JAR. This is still a work in progress.

What's Happening....

Library - A week with modification for Friday (see Debra's email)

Monday, January 11

Grade 2 Mapping with Mary

8:05 Primary Literacy

Intermediate RTI meetings during plan times - See email from Marcie

Tuesday, January 12

8:05 Staff Meeting - library

9:00 Tornado Drill

3:00 Lockdown Drill

6:00 Board Meeting

Wednesday January 13

8:05 - Climate Committee - library

9:00-10:00- District-wide Infrastructure Trial-Laptops, Computers, & Tablets may not be used at this time. (Students are not needed for this trial.)

Thursday, January 14

Melissa at STEM Conference @ Purdue

End of 1st Semester

Friday, January 15

Records Day - No School

Please update grades and google doc (including grades columns).

Monthly Meeting Schedule- A look ahead. This may change but may be helpful for you as you plan.

RTI Referral- Please fill this out if you have a student that you have concerns about. Marcie will add his or her name to the agenda. This is for academics or behavior.