By: Erica Santos 4 Red


Capital of Pakistan: Islamabad

Actual location of Islamabad: is 33° 43' N, 73° 3' E

Location of Pakistan: 33° N, 73° E

Some of the major cities in Pakistan are Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Rawalpindi. The relative location of Pakistan is in the Middle east and is located in both the Northern and Eastern hemisphere. Since Pakistan is in a temperate zone they usually have hot summers and either cool or cold winters, Pakistan also receives a lot of rain fall during July to September. Pakistan has many major industries but the most important ones are Cotton Textile production and Apparel manufacturing. Pakistan has a lot of physical features but the most important ones are the Thar Desert, Northern Highland, and Punjab Plain. These physical features are the most visited by tourists.


Some of Pakistan's leaders are Iskander Mirza who was Pakistan's first president, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, and Mamnoon Hussainn who is the current president of Pakistan. Pakistan's government is Federal Republic and Parliamentary Republic. Pakistan's economy is the 26th largest in the worlds in purchasing. Pakistan's relations with other countries vary but the places that they have good relations with are Bahrain, Iran, and Iraq. Some of Pakistan is involved in two organizations the African Union Nations Hybird and UNAMID.

Important places in Pakistan

Pakistan is full of beautiful landscapes!


Pakistan is really rich in culture and has a variety of ethnic groups. Pakistan's language is either Urdu or English. Pakistan has many religions but the major one is Islam, the Islam religion believes in Allah and their bible is the Quran. Dress for people is usually made by the Salwar Kameez.