Wild life Conservation Society

Saving wild life and wild areas world wide

How this is an issue

There is a declining number of carnivores. Due to habitat loss and persecution by humans three quarters of the world biggest carnivores are heading towards a big decline. Most of the large carnivores are extinct. One of the big carnivores, the tiger is down by 95% in the last century. Tiger bone is is in high demand for medicine in china and other parts of the world. The source of aids comes from a breed of chimpanzee that is immune to the virus. 37% of African primates are endangered or extinct. Central African apes are being hunted for bush meat. Pollution is one cause for all this. Pollution is long known to leave negative impacts on wild life and the environment.

Saving wild life and wild areas

Their mission is to save wild life and wild areas world wide. The WCS is working to save all four gorilla subspecies. The WCS started in 1895 and was started by Henry Fairfield Osborn and Andrew Haswell Green. The WCS is a five star charity. Educates other people to take action in helping save wild life and wild places. The snow leopard is well adapted to the harsh, mountainous habitats where it makes its home. This beautiful, elusive mammal has the thickest coat of any big cat, and its padded feet function like insulated boots. Snow leopards live a solitary existence and make their dens in rocky caverns or sheltered crevices. These carnivores prowl over steep terrain of cliffs, gullies, and rocky outcrops in search of their preferred prey: mountain goats and sheep, deer, marmots, and small mammals.

Snow leopards have large home ranges, spanning from 50 to more than 2,000 square miles in some areas. They live high on Asian mountain ranges extending from Russiato India. Despite the remoteness of its habitat, this spotted cat, weighing between 55 and 165 pounds, is increasingly susceptible to human-made threats. Only an estimated few thousand snow leopards remain in the wild.

How you can help!

Run for the wild, you can go for a 5k run to raise awareness, money and help stop these things from happening. Donate monthly or just donate once and you will really make a difference. You can do conservation projects to raise money and help stop and prevent people from killing and destroying wild life. You can help keep bush meat (monkey meat) off the rails.
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