Progress Reports

Have you done all you can to get the grade you want?

Grades will be sent to schools on Monday night....

Be sure that you have completed Modules One and Two to earn the best grade you can at this point.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can I still improve my grade?
  • Can I still complete corrections on assignments?
  • Can I still replace the 0s?


It is up to you how well you want to do in the class.

  • Turn in any late work ASAP and you will see your grade go up.
  • Complete corrections on assignments within one week of a module's deadline.
  • We start Module 3 on be sure you start and finish it on pace along with finishing up anything you need to in Modules 1 and 2. Turn in your Module 1 and 2 work that has a 0 and you will see it replaced with your earned grade following the late policy.

If you have more questions, please text me for the fastest answer.