Child Slavery In Western Africa

Kids in West Africa work as slaves in chocolate industries

Children Are Put as Slaves in Industries in West Africa

Mark E.

In certain parts of West Africa there are big chocolate industries that are enslaving children. Children have to work all day long without getting paid. Cocoa farmers are pulling children from school and making them work. Even those that apply by their own choice have no idea that they will not get paid, but children should get paid for their hard work, and if they don't, it is unfair.

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A map of West Africa. This is where the issue is happening.

Children Can Be In Danger

The children working on cocoa farms are exposed to dangerous tools, chemicals and materials. This is very bad because children of any age might not know how to use a machete, a saw or a knife. They might not have used any of these tools before, and probably were not taught proper tool safety, especially little kids. A child could easily be hurt or even accidentally killed. In addition, children working on these farms might be prevented from seeing their families for long periods of time because they would not be allowed to leave. It is clear that some children are doing work that they should not be doing at their age.

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International Cocoa Initiative: Tackling Child Labour on Cocoa Growing (Introduction)

People’s Attention

Some associations are trying to call people’s attention to this issue. Many different groups are trying to help to free farmers of different ages. Two examples of such groups are: the International Labor Rights Forum - (ILRF), and the International Cocoa Initiative - (ICI). The main goal is to make people all over the world consider this problem. It is a hard task, but if this goal is accomplished, the issue might be resolved. One way that people are helping is by supporting the associations that are trying to end child slavery in West Africa by giving money. Even you can help! There are many ways to help, but unfortunately, not many have yet tried.

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Someday, the children working in these industries will be free. Hopefully, this will happen soon. When these children are released from their jobs, they will be able see their families. All of the children deserve their freedom. We can help. So, if you get a chance, support the people who are fighting for the children's freedom. Know that the more people who participate, the more of a change there will be. In conclusion, this situation is ruining the lives of many children. We should all work together to put this to an end!

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Children of Africa
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Cocoa Pod

This is a cocoa pod drawn by me - Mark E.

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If you have the chance please donate to help the children in West Africa that work in the chocolate industries get their freedom!


If this issue was resolved the children working in the industries in West Africa would look more like this!

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