Alaina Spaude

By Si Guy

Intro to Alaina

Who's witty, funny, and quick with a joke? Who's sporty, athletic, and stronger that steel? Why of course, the one and only, Alaina Spaude!

She was born on june 6th, 2004 and has been playing soccer since she was 1 year old. And to nobodies surprise, she won state soccer in 2014. Plus, soccer isn't her sport. the soccer star has been playing basketball since she was only 3 years old. Which was an easy prediction when she won state for that too.(being that she has been playing since she was 3 years of age.)

Early Life

Many people know the superstar, but most don't know her background. When she was little, her mom,dad,and brother called her "Velcro" because she would always follow them around. Her hobbies include sports, skiing, turkey hunting, and swimming.

To sum up this biography, Alaina Spaude is a nice sporty, kind, athletic, helpful person who has won state tournaments in soccer and basketball. She's a great person with an awesome personality. and that's the end of this biography for now!