Auto Saftey

Ways to be safe in a car by : luke clem

Child safety in vehicals

  • You'll want to make sure that your children are as safe as possible in the car which means choosing a car seat suitable for your car and the child's age/size, fitting the seat properly in the car, and making sure the child is strapped in correctly for every journey.
  • The best safety also means keeping children rear-facing for as long as possible rather than rushing to move them on into a bigger, forward-facing seat.

Seat belt safety

in a car always where a seat belt. teens are the least likely to buckle up. most deaths are unbuckled teens. seat belts decrease the chance of death by 45%. there are major fines for not wearing a seat belt. every one in a car should always wear a seat belt

ways to be safe

car safety video

Car Seat Safety

air bag safety

Although air bags are made for protect you. they can also be dangerous to small children and infants. be smart with your air bags they can protect you and hurt you