Knight Notes

January 20, 2015

Happy Tuesday!

Good morning--

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. For me, it was a weekend to rest, recharge, and reflect.

On this very special extended-weekend, I thought about the words of Dr. King. To the right is one of my favorite quotes.

I am always very humbled when I think about how much hard work has gone into and will go into bringing this goal to fruition for all of the children in America.

However, your hard work makes a difference every day! As I look at the results of our first semester and drill down to the different subgroups within our schools, I know we moving closer. It is awesome to be a Knight!

Have a great week!


  • Congratulations to FHN 's Girls State nominees, Zoe Lawson, Priscilla Joel, and Lauren Bartrum. Read more about Girl's State by following this link:
  • On Saturday,at the Tyson Environmental Research Fellowship Annual Symposium, three of the nine presenters were seniors from FHN. They were Brenda Alvarado, Aiza Bustos, and Alex Connell. All three did a tremendous job of explaining their research to scientists, graduate students, parents, teachers, and SIFT participants. Aiza and Brenda will be taking their research to science fair.

  • Congratulations to Jose Alega, Zachary Cary, and Zachary Hoffman. They are FHN's Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership candidates. Read more about HOBY by following this link:

  • Congratulations Lydia Harm. She was selected to attend the Missouri Leadership Seminar. Read more about the Missouri Leadership Seminar at the following link:
  • Congratulations to the students who attended the Student Summit on Race. The summit was hosted by Ed. Plus. Thank you to Kristen Johnson and Erin Steep for taking our students. I have received a lot of feedback about how awesome our students are. FHN was mentioned in an article:
  • On Friday, the freshman class collected $146 for a hat day to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

  • 21 teams from FHN were awarded the MSHSAA Scholastic Achievement Award. Follow this link to see a complete list:

  • We had over a 100 students and parents attend Financial Aid night last night.

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5 Quick Facts about a Colleague

Larry Scheller-Science

  1. I have been working here at North for 11 Years.
  2. I have been married to Lindsey( who also works here) for 11 years and we have 3 kids. Ben (6) Oliver (3) and Josie (3 months)
  3. I’m a Cub fan (Go Cubbies)
  4. I coach boys and girls soccer and at one time boys basketball.
  5. I played soccer at UMKC where I graduated from.

I nominate Joe Brocksmith.

App of the Week

ExplainEverything is a tool for creating video-like tutorials. Students or teachers can take photos or images, annotate them, record voices over them and explain different concepts that way. It could be good for giving students directions or for having students explain what they’ve learned. Click below for online tutorials:

Technology Update


1. Just a friendly reminder from the district for this winter: When school is called off for the day and class is cancelled, the buildings are completely shut down. No Practices, workouts, etc. should take place. During ½ snow days and early release due to snow, this applies as well. Thanks for working with the district on this so that we can get the lots cleared and the sidewalks ready for the first available day to return during bad weather.

2. As it is getting colder and students are wearing more head gear, I am going to provide a reminder for our students to remember to take off any hats, bandanas, and hoodies and store them in book bags or lockers at the beginning of the school day. I would appreciate your continued efforts to encourage students to follow these guidelines in your class and in the hallways. Thank you!

Lunch and Learn

Friday, Jan. 23rd, 12:30pm

Learning Commons

Brian Santos will be providing the learning on Voicethread. Subway will be providing lunch.