Paraguay, South America

BY: Katharina 8C

About the capital

The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion. Asuncion is kind of like India, there are cows and dogs in the middle of the street and it's really filthy. The side walks are broken and they are made out of brick and it looks like a huge earthquake just went through them even though they don't have earthquakes there.

my home town

Chaco, Paraguay is a desert like place that has a lot of dirt and dusty roads. Chaco is like a city-state and there is a town in it called Loma Plata, that's where I was born. My parents lived on kleefeld, which is road. Everybody usually lives close together but there are some people that live far away, but the most is about an hour.

Traditional music

The traditional music in Paraguay is Polka. Most people in Paraguay play harps, accordions and Spanish guitars. Most of the Natives there dance "the bottle dance" which involves a person to twirl around with a bottle on their head.
Chaco Boreal - Marcha de Antonio Moreno González (Juan Aliendre)

The people

In Paraguay there are two different type of people, the Natives and the Paraguayan Mennonites. The Natives speak Spanish and look like Mexicans and the Paraguayan Mennonites are lighter skinned and speak mostly German but they also know Spanish because of the national language which is Spanish. The Native men are kind of creepy because they always stare at girls but my mother said it's because they think their pretty and that they respect women so they probably aren't planning on killing them.