Smore - Online flyers

A useful tool for language teachers and students

what is Smore

Smore is an online tool that can be used to make ‘professional looking’ online publications on the fly. Smore flyers can be created in a jiffy and provide a fun and effective way of designing and publishing information and promoting events. Teachers and students can make use of this application to produce brochures, flyers and posters for any purpose or audience.

Why Smore?

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Getting started with Smore

Create eye-catching publications for a range of purposes and audiences

Once you have created a Smore account you can select a layout that suits your purpose and reassemble the elements within your design. Smore allows you to change backgrounds, designs, colors, and fonts. You can also upload images and embed media like YouTube videos, calendars, and text boxes. If you are advertising an event when you enter an address the application is integrated with google maps and seamlessly incorporates maps into your flyer.

But wait there's smore!

Smore flyers online can be printed out and displayed in the classroom. Better still you can grab the embed code from your Smore publication and embed the flyer in your website, wiki, blog, Moodle site or similar. By making use of tools like Smore you can reinforce the message that we all need to think before we print – trees are a resource worth saving!

Smore is integrated with a number of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Scoopit and delicious. The social media integration that is part of the Smore platform will help you to attract a wider audience for your publications.

How can use Smore in my classroom?

There are some obvious applications for this tool in your teaching/learning repertoire. Students can author authentic persuasive texts in the form of advertisements and posters and share them with a real online audience. Students can comment on each others work. Your class could host an event such as a Harmony Day concert or picnic and promote it on the school website. Why not have students create an information report on an aspect of culture or language using Smore.

In fact anything that was previously presented in a project book or on a piece of cardboard can be made using Smore and student work can be enriched with the addition of rich media including video, images,sound files, interactive maps and art work.

Besides, embedding digital projects into a blog or other online site is a great way for students to keep and update virtual learning portfolios

If you are using S'more or a similar tool why not share your ideas with your colleagues here!

You know you want to!