Chelsey Elizabeth Willey

September 24, 1996

All about me

 At birth, most full-term babies weigh about 7 pounds.  I weighed 7.3 . At birth, most full-term babies are 19 ½ inches.  I was 21.7 inches long. Most babies sit alone by 6 months.  I sat alone when I was 7 months old. Most babies begin to walk by 13 months.  I began walking when I was 12 months old, I said my first word when I was 14 months old.  That word was "mama". The toys I liked as a preschooler were: barbies, suffed animals, baby dolls, and others.  My favorite preschool books were: Corderoy, Goodnight Moon, and The Cat In The Hat. My mom seemed most proud when I was finally potty trained, said my first word, and when i was finally walking. My family’s favorite story about me was when i threw away my own binky, so I couldn't blame it on my mom.