Periodic Table Elememt Project

For mrs.Daniel's 8th grade science class. By Jenny Noack 😜



Element name-Oxygen

Symbol- O

Valence Electrons-6

Atomic number-8

Mass Number-15.9994


Who discovered it?-Joseph Priestley(English) and Carl Wilhelm(Swedish)

Melting point

54.36k (-218,78* c or -361,82*F

Bowling Point-182.962*c or 297,31*F

Wikipedia (google search)


21% of what we need to live, Emergency oxygen tank,aircraft emergency oxygen system,makes up one-quarter of the atmosphere, oxygen is commonly store and transported in its liquid form known as Lox(liquid oxygen),18 billion kilograms were manufactured in the united stated,oxygen is used to covert coke(carbon) in theUnited States,used in torches for welding and cutting many kinds of rockets and missiles.

Oxygen Is A big importance in life and there's a lot of it to go around

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Atomic Structure is in the pic shown above.