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WMU/MSW Student Pilot Project

The MASSW Board is attempting a pilot project to further connect aspiring school social workers with the field through our Website Discussion Forums and hoping that practicing school social workers, interns and other MSW students will participate.

The WMU "Assessments in School Social Work Class" is hoping for your input on report writing. We assume that most, if not all, ISDs and districts use computer-generated Eligibility Recommendation Forms into which school social workers enter their evaluation results and recommendations.

Question 1

Our first question is do most school social workers still write separate "narrative style reports" to go along with the E.R. form?

-- Posted by Donna Secor Pennington, LMSW

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Question 2

My Western Michigan University students are studying the issue of racial/cultural bias in standardized testing and recently watched a video lecture by Dr. Janet Helms entitled "Solving the Mystery of Racial Bias in Testing" .

Dr. Helms discusses the consistently lower scores of students of color on standardized tests of cognitive ability. In fact, she asserts that it would be more efficient to just give the test to white students and then assign scores to the African-American students of one standard deviation below the mean, and scores at almost one standard deviation below the mean to Hispanic students!

Dr. Helms' theory is that racial identity is a "psychological construct" related to lower test scores and that a stronger racial identity predicts lower test scores.

Do any MASSW members have comments or other information about racial/cultural bias in testing or experience with racial identity scales?

-- Posted by Donna Secor Pennington, LMSW

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New question posted 6.7.15

What would you recommend to assess PTSD in elementary students? --Thank you!

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