fossils from 2016 found today

written by Andrew Shcrum and Cameron watts

Petrified remains of a spider monkey,golden lion tamarin,giant river otter,sloth and an toucan. Our test reveal that these animals are back from the year 2016. The remains were all found in the same general area to make us believe that the area use to be a forest. This spider monkey use to be one of the loudest animals of the forest and then there was the toucan under it, then the river otter then the golden lion tamarin and finally the quietest was the sloth. this group of animals is honestly one of the weirdest we have found but it can give us a taste of what the forests used to be like during the years of the 2000's and we are still unearthing more animals to this day so we can get closer and closer to the truth about what it was like to live in 2016.

Published March 21,5002016