Technology Team Newsletter

January 28, 2015

Technology Team Meeting

Just a reminder that the next technology team meeting will be Tuesday, February 3 at 7:30 in Neil's Room.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and if you have any ideas you want to share please let me know before Tuesday.

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BCES Ipad Apps Master List

Last week, I emailed everyone a copy of the Google Spreadsheet that will serve as our "Master List" of the apps used in our building. The goal of this is to be something that ALL of us contribute to and add to. Everyone has editing privileges and can just add apps to the list for everyone to see. Please be sure to put the app into the correct tab (the tabs run across the bottom). Thanks for your help with this!

If you have any questions on how to add apps please see me. Also, remember you will need to use your Google account to open this spreadsheet (we all have a Google account here at school if you don't have a personal gmail account).

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Plickers App

The Plickers App is a tool that can be used similar to a clickers program where students and teachers can receive instant feedback on different topics. Rick uses it for quizzes and exit tickets. You will need to visit the website and create an account. Once your account is set up you will need to go in and print a classroom set of Plicker cards. You will then set up a classroom and add your students assigning them card numbers. Each card has a different shape on it with the letters A, B, C, and D. Students will use these cards to answer multiple choice and true and false questions. Once you have your classroom set up you will then add the Plickers app to your iPad. Using your computer you will add different questions to your library. When you are ready to have the students take the quiz you will need to login to the Plickers site on your computer and select live view. This will make the questions visible to the students through the overhead. You also need to pull up the app on your iPad. This will allow you to manipulate the different questions that the students see on the board. The questions are set up for true and false or multiple choice. When the students think they have the right answer they will hold up their Plickers card with the correct answer A, B, C, or D located at the top of their card. This will correspond with the correct answer on the board. You will then take your iPad and hit the scan function from the Plickers app on the iPad and scan the room making sure that all answers have been scanned in. It will tell you on the iPad who has answered and who hasn’t. It will also show the answers on the board through the overhead. It graphs correct answers and wrong answers. Students can instantly see if they got the answer right or if they got it wrong.

Here is a short video to see it in action:

Link to app in Itunes store:

World's Worst Pet--Vocabulary App

This app is great for students to work on vocabulary skills and word choice. The app is set up so students have to help their pet get "food". However, they can only get "food" by answering different types of vocabulary questions. Very fun app for the kids, but very effective in working on vocabulary skills.

Link to app at Itunes store:

MadLibs App

This app is just like the MadLibs some of you already use in your classrooms. The app helps the kids to work on the different parts of speech to create a funny and amusing story. You could use this as a whole group, small groups, or individually.

Link to app:

Two-Player Split Screen Games

The apps below are great for two players to interact and learn on the same Ipad. The games will split the screen so both students can touch the screen and play at the same time. In my classroom we use Geography Duel and Math Duel.

Geography Duel--This allows students to practice locating either states or countries.

Math Duel--This allows students to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

***I was able to get both of these on Apps Gone Free when they came up. They are currently NOT Free apps.***

Link to Geography Duel:

Link to Math Duel:

Link to Bundle (Geography Duel, Math Duel, and Matching)

Short Math Duel Video:

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AR 360

This is a program we currently have available on a trial basis. It is ran through our current AR accounts. The program offers teachers great resources to help with reading practice, comprehension, and test taking strategies. It also allows you to assign activities and articles for the students complete from their AR accounts.

Here is a link to an AR 360 Overview:

If you have any questions on this, please see Joanne (she is the most familiar with it so far). This is something that Sean is exploring for future use, so please take the time and see how it can help you with your teaching.

HMH Readers App

This is a great app with FREE ebooks. The books are either fiction or non-fiction, and they are all leveled. This is a great way to get kids reading and to differentiate your instruction. The app is excellent for all grade levels and interventions.

Link to app: