Animals sent to space

by Ashlyn s

Animals in space

The first astronaut was a chimpanzee.Before that,a group of them had trained in new mexico.They had learned how to control a space shuttle.Besides chimpanzees they had also sent dogs and cats in space.When animals were sent the protected them.Most had survived although some had not.

Did you know in 1957 russia sent a dog into space?

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The reason for using animals

They would test animals to save human lives.During the research they made sure to keep the animals from pain.Animal rights think it's cruel but they agree since it's used for animal rights.The animals trusted them and had to surrender.They used animals because there was no robotic technology.The reason for using animals in space was to see how long the body could last in weightlessness.The use of animals was justified.
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Research with animals in space

The reason for animals is scientist wanted to know how the body reacts to microgravity.Humans can only do some experiments animals get used every time.

Scientist use the results from animals to transfer to humans to solve physical issues.

The animals they mostly use would be monkeys or chimpanzees.They won't use animals like rats,dogs,and even cats a lot.In 1948 the u.s sent a monkey into space,then in 1951 they sent a dog into space both had survived.Both the flights had showed that humans can survive weightlessness and effects of gravitational forces.

Free-Floating Animals in Space Capsule Return to Earth


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