Summer Vacation

By: Macy Heckadon

Period of time when schools, and colleges are closed to have the opportunity to relax in the sun.
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Palm Tree

This palm tree would enhance the idea of Summer Vacation in my window display because it gives off a feeling of Summer and hot weather that would mostly occur on a vacation. This palm tree is a good prop to brighten up the window and add contrast.
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Beach Chairs

These beach chairs enhance the feeling of relaxing under the hot sun during a summer vacation somewhere on a beach or even poolside. These beach chairs are a great example of color and that is what a shopper will react to first.
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Lemonade Refresher

This lemonade gives you the feel of a hot, warm summer day when you need something to quench your thirst. This enhances the theme of Summer Vacation because its bright and colorful.
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"Summer Vacation" window display

This window display is a great example of a summer vacation. They use palm trees and sand to give it a beachy feel, and the use of surf boards catches the eye because they are big and one of the main parts to pull it all together. The blue sky enhances the overall contrast and color to give it a hot summer day feel. This display makes you want to stop and look because there is a lot of different things taking place at once.